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Electric Kiwi—22 April 2022

April 24, 2022

Electric Kiwi is an award winning on-line electricity retailer focused on changing the way people use and pay for energy and we were thrilled when a team from the corporate office offered to come to CUE Haven for a volunteer day.

The team arrived first thing in the morning and included Emma, Elvira, Grace, Lisbon and Logan.

Also joining us for the day was Lauren, a Bachelor of Environmental Science student at Unitec, who has been doing a practicum at CUE Haven.

Because this was the first time Electric Kiwi had volunteered at CUE Haven, we spent some time getting acquainted over morning tea and then Mahrukh gave a short talk on the history and philosophy of the CUE Haven project.

Thomas then gave a safety briefing and an explanation of the work planned for the day.

The main objective for the day was to install several signs that had been created by our wonderful volunteer, Rosemarie.  Thomas had previously laid out the signs where they were to be installed and since we would have to walk from one sign to the next, we also did some trimming along the roads and tracks as well.

We drove up to the top of the property and worked our way down.

Installing the signs involved figuring out the best orientation to ensure visitors can correctly interpret them and then digging a deep hole to secure the signpost.  But the biggest part of the job was the digging!

Each sign was a team effort!

Some signs required a little encouragement!

We moved down the tracks and roads, installing signs and as we walked down, also did some trimming.

We got down to the bottom of the property and finished installing the road and track signs.  Even though it started to rain a bit the team was keen to persevere and install some of the larger signs which took a lot more planning and digging.

The inspirational signs can be interpreted both literally and philosophically, so the team also had to determine the most appropriate place to install them along the tracks.

Because of the rain everyone got a bit muddy so we spent some time cleaning up before heading inside for a relaxing lunch.

It was a fantastically productive day and the team made a major contribution to the CUE Haven landscape.  The signs installed today will make it easier for visitors to explore CUE Haven and we hope also provide inspiration along their walk.

A big thank you too to Lauren for once again helping out today.

And thank you to Grace for organizing the day.

We so enjoyed meeting the Electric Kiwi team and spending time with everyone.

Our many thanks to everyone in the hard working team.  We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did and will come back for a leisurely visit soon and back for another fun and productive volunteer day.

Thank You!! Thank You!!

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