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About Us

CUE Haven is owned and managed by the CUE Haven Community & Management Trusts (New Zealand registered charities).

The trustee and advisory boards include individuals who have diverse backgrounds and expertise in kaitiakitanga, environmental sciences, business, finance, IT, project management and community work.

C-U-E stands for Cultivating Understanding and Enlightenment and our vision is for CUE Haven to be a thriving, self-sustaining, community native forest reserve, where people come together to engage with nature and each other to enjoy, learn about and celebrate New Zealand’s natural, cultural and historical heritage.

CUE Haven is an excellent example of individuals, the public and private sectors all working together for the common good to develop something special and leave a legacy – a community native forest reserve for generations to enjoy.  

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. ~ (John Muir)

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 May your search through nature lead you to yourself.

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