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Martin & Friends

December 20, 2021

We are slowly starting to get volunteer groups back to CUE Haven and we were very happy when a group of our experienced corporate volunteers offered to come out on a weekend and bring some of their friends to help us catch up on some overdue track maintenance work.

The group arrived first thing in the morning and included Alan, Anna, Brenda, Bryan, Grahame, Irene, Martin, Paul, Peter and Phil.  Also joining us for the day was our friend Lyall.

After Covid formalities, we had morning tea and Mahrukh welcomed everyone.  Thomas gave a safety briefing and described the work planned for the day.

The plan for the day was to trim vegetation along the roads and tracks and also to continue work on a walking track we are improving.  Due to the Covid lockdown, we haven’t been able to have volunteers out and with the spring growth, several of the tracks are overgrown with vegetation.  We’d told the group the plan in advance and several of them brought their power tools from home to help out with the work. 

We broke into several groups to handle the various tasks.

Irene stayed down to help clear the infestation of morning glory from around the cottage.

Others would be starting at the top of the property and working down so Thomas drove them up in the ute.

The group then split into smaller teams and walked down different routes, trimming as they went.

The power tools made a big difference, especially where the bush was particularly thick.

Alan, Brenda and Bryan also trimmed the harakeke and other bushes along the driveway and front entrance. The trimming and weed clearing was challenging work on the hottest day we’ve had this summer but the results are fantastic!! Thanks!!

While the trimming teams were busy, Anna, Paul and Phil worked on improving an old track.  The track connects two other tracks and the wetlands boardwalk and we want to make sure it is easy for visitors to use this summer. 

The first task was to carry the gear to the site.

Paul tackled the job of boxing in some steps.

The job involved digging out a channel on the sides of the steps and nailing boards in place.

And the result is a great improvement!

Anna and Phil worked on installing side boards to mark the track.  This involved planning the route and digging out channels for the boards.  The boards were then secured with pegs and nailed in place.

The team encountered an interesting challenge.  The track was routed through existing bush and there was a point where the trees were so close the track would have been extremely narrow.  Instead of cutting down a tree, the team decided to widen the track and incorporate a small tree within it. The wide area will now allow space to put a bench and provide another opportunity for visitors to relax and enjoy their time in the bush.

In a short time the team made a huge improvement in the track.  Future teams will carry on and join up this track with the main track.

All the teams finished up in the field and all headed back to the cottage for a leisurely lunch.

It was a fun and very productive day and we really enjoyed working with everyone. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  A special thank you to Martin and Paul for organising the day and to Lyall for coming along too.

Our many thanks to every one for giving up a weekend day to help out. We really appreciated your enthusiasm and your hard work. You all have made a major contribution to CUE Haven and thanks to your efforts the tracks are looking better than ever.   We look forward to seeing all of you again soon for a leisurely visit this summer.  


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