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Whanau Planting Day—1 August 2021

August 2, 2021

Today was a beautiful winter day that felt more like spring and a perfect day to be outdoors, and our friends brought their whanau out to CUE Haven to help out with some planting. 

Accompanying our friends, Sarah and Jeff, were family members Amy, Brooke, Darryl, Graham, Holly, Jack, Melissa, Millie, Rosie and Tyler.

The family arrived late morning and after tea and biscuits, we headed out to the field.  Thomas gave a safety briefing and a tree planting demo and the team got to work.

Today we were planting kowhai, rewarewa and karaka.  These trees need to be spaced out throughout the pioneer trees to make sure they have enough space and light and we had previously marked each planting site with a flag. The group spread out in the bush to find the flags and plant the trees.  The little ones treated it like a scavenger hunt as they looked for the flags.

It didn’t take long for the whanau to plant all of the trees we had for them, and although there were some nice distractions like worms, the kids were exhausted by the time the planting was all done!

They then collected all the empty pots and other gear and then we had a leisurely walk back to the cottage.

We stopped along the way to check out various points of interest including the weta hotels.

It was a fun and productive day and our many thanks to Sarah and Jeff for sponsoring the planting and bringing their whanau to help plant the trees.

A huge thank you to all the family members who joined us and helped out.  We really enjoyed meeting you all and appreciate your hard work and support for CUE Haven—the trees you planted today will live for many, many years.  We hope you will keep coming back often to CUE Haven explore and enjoy more of your community forest reserve, and also to plant more trees next year!  

Thank You!! Thank You!!

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