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Brittany and Friends—5 December 2020

December 13, 2020

Last month, a group of wonderful young adults came out to CUE Haven to help out with some track work and a few of them generously offered to come back to help us get ready for the viewing platform opening and our open days.  Joining us today were Brittany, Drew, Eloise and Matt.

The team arrived bright and early and after a quick morning tea, we went right to work.

We are getting ready for summer and with the upcoming Open days for the community we wanted to get everything looking good and decided to put up signs to help people know where they are along the walking track network.

Putting out the signs is a time consuming job because you have to walk the tracks and carry all the gear, so it’s a good project for a small team and the team agreed to help out.  We had previously made up the signs, so it was a matter of carrying them out to the track and installing them in the proper locations.

Thomas gave a safety briefing and a quick demo and we went to work.

We moved along the track, checking the map and installing the signs.

The preprinted, laminated signs were stapled to the sign boards.

The need for directional signs is clear when there is a fork in the road!

We also installed signs to direct visitors away from areas that are either being developed or not suitable for walking.

In addition to directional signs, we also have some photos of how the property looked before we started the restoration project.  The team located the best places to put the pictures and installed them as well.

The team found a few spots on the walking track where the boards had moved out of alignment and fixed them.

But mostly it was installing signs and more signs!

When we finished all the signs, there was still time before lunch and the team helped us put a final coat of varnish on the viewing platform carved panels.  The highly enthusiastic team took no time at all to finish the job.

They even helped take down the scaffold because we wouldn’t be needing it any more.

And then helped load it into the car!

A very productive morning indeed!!

Brittany, Drew, Eloise and Matt – our many thanks for once again coming out to help.  Your interest and enthusiasm is fantastic and we really appreciate your help and continued support.

We very much look forward to having you all back for more fun and productive work days and back again soon with your family and friends for a leisurely visit to your community native forest reserve.

Thank You!! Thank You!!

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