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TRA- 18 November 2020

November 18, 2020
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One of our regular community volunteers, Annelise, works for TRA – an Auckland based research and analytics firm.  TRA gives their staff a day each year to volunteer at community organisations and today Annelise brought along two of her colleagues, Ginny and Rebecca, to help us out with some general maintenance work.

The group arrived bright and early and we spent some time getting acquainted over morning tea.

Their work for the day was to trim and clear a section of walking track that had become quite overgrown with weeds.

We drove up to the site and Thomas gave a safety briefing and an explanation and demonstration of what needed to be done. The team worked their way down the track, trimming and clearing and then crossed over to the wetlands boardwalk where they continued to trim overhanging vegetation.

When they finished that task, they used special flax cutters to trim the harakeke along the driveway.

The team worked hard all morning and covered a huge amount of track and made some major improvements in the appearance of the track.

The last project they tackled was moving some old fence posts that had been piled up near the nursery to a storage pile near the car park.

It was hard and messy work but the results are a big improvement in the appearance in the area around the nursery.

A huge THANK YOU to the team for coming out today to help.  We really enjoyed getting to know you and very much appreciate all your hard work.

And a special thank you to Anneliese for organising the visit.

We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed having you and we look forward to having you back soon for a more leisurely visit with your family and friends, and for another productive volunteer day next year.

Thank You!!  Thank You!!

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