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Laetitia and Family and Friends – September -October 2020

October 10, 2020

Several schools in Auckland encourage their young students to do community service work and we were very happy when Laetitia chose CUE Haven to contribute her time for her community service during weekends in late September and the school break in October.

Laetitia had volunteered at CUE Haven last year and had assisted with planting trees and it was great to have her back.

Laetitia was accompanied during her first of her three volunteer days, by her parents, Valentina and Ben, and their friends Jo and Daren.

An ongoing maintenance job at CUE Haven is trimming back vegetation and weeds on the roads and walking tracks and the group was happy to assist with that.  We spent some time orienting them to the work and the tools, and after a safety briefing we set off on a tour of the tracks and started trimming the overhanging vegetation along the way.

The group accomplished a lot that day, and Latetia returned to CUE Haven on two other occasions with Valentina, Ben and Jo to complete her service hours.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work CUE Haven’s spring maintenance is off to a good start and the place is looking much tidier.

Laetitia – A huge THANK YOU for making such a wonderful contribution to CUE Haven. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and all your hard work.

And Ben, Daren, Jo and Valentina – many thanks for coming along to volunteer too. Your help and continued support is most valued.

We’re looking forward to having you all out to CUE Haven regularly with your family and friends to enjoy your community native forest reserve.

Thank You! Thank You!

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