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Pie Funds–4 October 2019

October 5, 2019

We started our 2019 track maintenance season on a high note as a small but enthusiastic team of investment managers from Pie Funds spent a day at CUE Haven upgrading an old track section.  Pie Funds is a boutique investment management fund with a strong focus on performance and client service based on Auckland’s North Shore.

The Pie Funds team comprised Mark, Rob, Sam and Simon. Also joining us today was our friend and regular volunteer Alan.

The group arrived first thing in the morning and after a welcome and morning tea, Mahrukh gave an orientation to CUE Haven.

Thomas then gave a description of the work planned for the day and a safety briefing.

The plan for the day was to upgrade an old section of track which runs by the stream. The original track and some steps were quite narrow and the plan was to widen the steps and track and retain a section along the stream.

We drove up as close to the work site as possible and then walked to the site.  The first task was to carry all the gear down to the site.

We broke into two teams.  Sam and Simon worked with Alan on the steps and Mark and Rob worked on widening and retaining the track.

The first challenge was to take out the old steps.

This involved digging around them to loosen them and then levering them out.

Once the steps were out, the new stair layout could be determined.  The new steps are wider than the old ones so the team needed to dig out some additional space on each side.

They then installed the new steps and put in side retaining walls.

They double checked to ensure that everything was even and level.

The new steps quickly took shape.

The final task was to attach the side board and fill in the gaps with soil to level the steps.

While the steps were progressing, Mark and Rob worked on widening the track leading up to the steps that Alan, Sam and Simon had been working on.

This involved cutting back the bank.

It was  challenging work but everyone kept smiling as they cut back the wall of clay.

They then moved on to the next task. The edge of the track along the stream had eroded a bit and they installed a side retaining board to improve the track appearance and safety.

The board was pegged and nailed in place to keep it secure.

The retaining boards needed go around a corner of the track to join up with another set of steps and the team had to figure out the best way to install the boards.

The team came up with a great looking corner that will also prevent further erosion.

The last step was to fill in the area to level the track and support the retaining boards.

The team’s efforts today have greatly improved the track and they should all be very proud of their efforts.

When we were finished, we gathered up all the gear and loaded it in the ute before heading back to the cottage for a late lunch.

In just a few hours, the team managed to make major improvements to the track.  Future teams this spring and summer will pick up from where we left off to continue upgrading this track.

A big thank you to our dear friend Alan for once again helping out today.  Alan – we really appreciate your time, expertise, hard work and your continued support.

Many thanks too to Rob for organizing the day and championing CUE Haven at Pie Funds.

And a special BIG THANK YOU to Alan, Mark, Rob, Sam and Simon for all their hard work and efforts today. You have all made a major contribution to the CUE Haven project and your efforts will be greatly appreciated by visitors as they comfortably walk the tracks to explore the growing native forest.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and we hope that you will come back to CUE Haven soon to explore more of the property with your family and friends. And back again next year for another productive volunteer day!


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