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AUT Business Students—26 May 2019

May 27, 2019
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As part of their study, business students at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) are expected to participate in community service where they can observe, learn, participate and have discussions about sustainability.  We have had AUT business students participate in community activities at CUE Haven in prior years and were very happy once again that two students, Brandon and Lauri, chose to do their service hours at CUE Haven this year.

We invited Brandon and Lauri to join us for a big planting day we were having with the St. Peters College students.

Brandon and Lauri arrived early and helped Thomas with the final preparations for the planting day and then spent a good part of the day working with the students, planting and helping out.

They also joined the students for a walk to explore more of the property and learn more about the restoration project and how it had positively impacted land use and water quality.

After the students left, they helped Thomas clean up and take up plants for the next planting team who will be coming this week.

We also had a great discussion about their studies and shared some of the ideas we have seen and heard about sustainable development and a growth economy.

We want to congratulate AUT for encouraging students to get field experience in the community, and learning about sustainability and sustainable business practices.

And we want to thank Lauri and Brandon for being interested in the work we are doing at CUE Haven and giving up a Sunday to help us out.  We were impressed with your enthusiasm and interest in the project and very much enjoyed meeting and working with you both.

With your tree planting efforts today you have made a significant contribution not only to the CUE Haven project but also to our environment and the wider community  We wish both of you much success and happiness in your future endeavours and hope you will come back to see how the trees you planted today are growing up!

Thank you!!

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