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Orewa College International Students—11 April 2019

April 12, 2019

Orewa College north of Auckland sponsors an international exchange program which gives overseas students the opportunity to experience New Zealand culture and natural heritage.  In addition to regular course work, the international students can participate in a New Zealand Experience class where they do outdoor activities, take trips and learn more about New Zealand.

Adrienne Croad, International Students Development Director and teacher, Ceclia Tyne once again brought a group of 30 students in the New Zealand Experience class to CUE Haven for a day of volunteering on a community developed native forest reserve.

The students today were from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Germany and Japan and included Alena, Camila, Cara Marie, Chiharu, Emelie, Eugenia, Felicitas, Fu, Giulia, Haruku, Inka, Isolina, Jette, Julie, Kanoko, Kazuki, Lilly-Ann, Lucas, Maria, Michael, Milagros, Nanami, Nele-Amelie, Nicolas, Pedro, Sofia, Soma, Svea-Mareen, Tominaga, & Yuki.

The group arrived at about 9:30 and normally we would have taken the time to get acquainted over a leisurely morning tea, but today’s weather forecast was for heavy rain later in the day so we decided to get straight to work.  Thomas gave a description of the work to be done and a safety briefing and sure enough, the rain started as we were getting underway.

The plan for the day was to put down a layer of gravel on a section of walking track that we have been improving during the summer.  During the wet winter weather, the tracks can be very slippery if they don’t have gravel to help with traction.

Doing track gravelling is a challenging job because there is no easy way to do it other than by bringing up the gravel in buckets and carrying it down to the end of the track.

We set up a system where one group filled buckets down by the car park while most of the group carried them along the track and dumped the gravel at the end of the track.  A team was positioned at the end of the track to rake and smooth the gravel.  Empty buckets were sent back to be refilled.

The team down at the car park filled the buckets and loaded them onto the ute.

During the morning the teams shifted around so that students got a chance to do different tasks—and use different muscles!

Once the ute was full, we drove up to the entrance of the track and unloaded.

Most people were stationed along the track to pass buckets down the line.

At the end of the track two people used rakes to level the gravel as the students dumped their buckets on the track.  The group at the end slowly moved up as more of the track was covered.

Fortunately the rain only lasted a few minutes and the sun came out for the rest of the time we were in the field.

It didn’t take long for the cycle to get organized and empty buckets were coming back as quickly as full ones were going down.

The empties were taken down and refilled over and over.

With a lot of hard work, the students managed to cover about half of the track—an amazing accomplishment.  They put all the empty buckets and gear in the ute and took a walk back to the cottage by way of the main walking track to see more of the property.

We ended the day with traditional kiwi mince and cheese pies for lunch while Mahrukh told them about the CUE Haven project and thanked them for their wonderful contribution.

The student accomplished an amazing amount of work.  Have a look at all they did.

A special thank you to Cecilia for her efforts with organising the day.  Our many thanks to Adrienne and Cecilia for their continuing support of CUE Haven. We look forward to seeing you both again with another group of students.

And we especially want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the hard working students for helping us so enthusiastically.  We enjoyed meeting you and working with you.   All your work with the walking track has made the tracks safer to walk on and it will be much appreciated by visitors to CUE Haven.

We hope you continue to enjoy your stay in NZ and best of luck with your future endeavours.  And we do hope you will visit us and CUE Haven on your next visit to NZ.

Many Thanks Again!


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