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Forest & Bird Warkworth Branch—4 November 2018

November 4, 2018

Today our friends from the Warkworth branch of the Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society were back at CUE Haven helping us pot up seedlings.

F&B members joining us today included Hueline, Lawre, Raewyn, Roger and Rosemary.  Also joining us today was our new neighbour Mark, and environmental scientist, Charmaine and her daughter Manaia.  Charmaine is doing research in the Auckland area about community nurseries.

The group arrived around nine and we had a quick morning tea and updated the group on the activities at CUE Haven and then went to work in the nursery.

We had previously set up the nursery for the group.  A big THANK YOU to Dalton’s for generously donating the potting mix for the day.

Today we potted up kohekohe, kotukutuku, nikau, puriri, rimu, taraire and totara seedlings.

There was a lot of chatting and laughing but even more potting and the group quickly went through a lot of potting mix!

And the repotted seedlings soon filled up the hardening up area.

While the empty tubes mounted up as well!

Well in time for lunch, the group managed to repot over 700 seedlings.  The hard working group even cleaned up the nursery when they were finished.

This is how the nursery looked in the morning.

And this is how it’s looking now!

It was a fantastic effort and we really appreciate everyone’s efforts and hard work. The plants will be taken care of in the nursery over the summer and should be ready for planting during next winter’s planting season.

As always, we really enjoyed having our friends from F&B Warkworth out to assist and we do so appreciate their continued support.  Our many thanks Hueline, Lawre, Raewyn, Roger and Rosemary and a special thank you to Raewyn for organising the visit today.

And a big thank you to Mark, Charmaine and Mania for coming out too and making a huge contribution.

Thank you all for giving up your Sunday morning.  Not only did you all accomplish a huge amount of work, but you were also a source of excellent practical information on weed and pest management as well as best practices for planting and management.

Plus, we had a good time socializing with you all!

We very much look forward to having you all back at CUE Haven.

Thanks again!!

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  1. Pauline Lowe permalink
    November 4, 2018 9:39 pm

    Well done! !!

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