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ANZ North Shore – MMM & BB—7 March 2018

March 8, 2018
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Today another hard working team from ANZ joined us to continue to improve the walking tracks at CUE Haven.  This group was made up of managers from the North Shore’s Mobile Banking and Business Banking departments.

The group included Cheryl, Irene, Jalam, Jim, Justeel, Kevin, Lydia, Maryanne, Patrick, Rachel and Vicki.  Eight of the team of eleven had been out to CUE Haven last year to assist with the track and it was great seeing old friends and welcoming new people.

Also helping us again for the day was our dear friend, Alan.

It had rained overnight and the forecast was for possibly heavy rain all day.  But the sun was shining by the time everyone arrived and the rain didn’t start until long after they had left for the day.

We spent some time catching up over morning tea and then Mahrukh gave an update on CUE Haven activities and future plans.  Thomas then gave a safety briefing and outlined the work planned for the day.

We broke the group into two teams.  One group worked with Alan on a section of track near the top of the property.  The other team went with Thomas to finish off the approaches to the new wetlands bridge.

We drove Alan’s team up to the top and they went to work.  The track was very narrow and showing a lot of wear.  There were also some water drainage problems.  The task for today was to continue to widen the track and improve drainage.

The track widening required a lot of digging.

The team had to be concerned about drainage and how water from the nearby wetland might affect the track.  They installed drainage ditches and pipes to keep the track surface dry.

They also installed side retaining boards to protect the track. The task required measuring and cutting the long boards to the correct size.

After a couple of hours of hard work, the track section was finished!

Meanwhile, Thomas and his team went to the wetlands to work on the bridge approaches.

The bridge is in an area where we have been planting a lot of memorial trees and we have been wanting to turn the area into a place where people can come and relax in a quiet and attractive space.  Plus, a lot of the visitors to the area will be older and we want a smooth, straight path in order for them to feel safe and comfortable.

The work involved finishing up several small tasks and the group broke into teams of two to tackle them.  First they brought down all the gear to the work area.

One team worked on extending out the existing retaining walls to a flat section of the track.  This involved digging out channels for the retaining boards, cutting the boards to size and nailing them in place.

Another team worked to install side retaining boards down one side of the approach to the bridge.

This task also involved digging out channels for the boards and cutting the boards to size.

Once the boards were installed, soil was filled in to further secure the boards and to level the track surface.

The third team did a number of smaller tasks to improve the appearance and safety of the track.  This work required lots of creativity to come up with ways to straighten existing retaining boards and joints.

And it was always a good moment when the solution worked out!

Thanks to the group’s efforts, the bridge area is now very attractive and easy to access.

Both Alan’s & Thomas’s teams worked together on the last project for the day which was to put down a layer of gravel on the new track surfaces to make them easy and safe to walk on in all weather.  The challenge was that there is no way to get the gravel down to the remote track sections except by hand in buckets!

We loaded up empty buckets with gravel and drove them to the closest spot or unloading.

We then carried the buckets down to the track.

The gravel was dumped on the track and raked in for a nice, smooth surface.

In just a few hours, today’s group made a huge amount of progress and greatly improved the safety and quality of the tracks.  It was great to see the collegiality and teamwork.  They accomplished a lot of work and tackled some big track work challenges and came up with great solutions by working together.   Have a look at all they accomplished.

The team gathered up all the gear and we headed back to the nursery where we unloaded everything and got cleaned up.

We ended the very productive day with relaxing lunch.

Our many thanks to Alan for his hard work and continued help and support.  Alan – we really appreciate you taking the time to help out—your expertise and advice have added a lot of value.

And a big thank you to everyone who came out today!  It was great having you back again this year to help and very much appreciate your hard work and amazing contribution to CUE Haven.. We really enjoyed working with you all and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

We look forward to having you out again for a leisurely visit with your friends and family, and we hope to also see you again for another fun and productive volunteer day.


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