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Lisa’s Wish Charitable Trust Camp—16-18 January 2015

January 20, 2015

Lisa’s Wish Charitable Trust (LWCT) is an organisation conceived by the late Lisa Knapman-Smith, a wife and mother who passed away from cancer in 2009.  Lisa’s vision was that the Trust would provide support and activities for children whose parents or caregivers have been diagnosed with cancer.

The Trust has regular day events for children and young people with an ill parent and has long hoped to hold longer events.  Through our association with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Awards (DoEHA) programme we met the Lisa’s Wish trustees and arranged to have a weekend long camp to give the participants a chance to get away and do some new things and learn some new skills.  The first camp was held this past weekend.

The group arrived on Friday afternoon and included Antonio, Karissa, Nicola and Nikita. Ian Knapman-Smith, a trustee of LWCT, was the camp coordinator


Bridget and Kalym who are Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award team leaders volunteered to work with the LWCT group for the weekend.


We welcomed the group to CUE Haven and gave them an overview of the project.


And then took them on a short tour of the property.  When we got back from the tour and had identified the area where they wanted to establish the Lisa’s Wish Grove, the team took some time brainstorming about ideas for what projects they would like to do.


Saturday morning, the team got to work.  They had decided that they would create a walking track through the Grove and build an archway to welcome visitors.  It was a major challenge to clear the track of weeds and vegetation.



But with lots of hard work, the track slowly emerged.


The entrance to the Grove is at the level of the main road on the property but the walking track slopes down towards the wetlands, so the team decided to put in some steps to make it easier to walk down.  They cut the steps into the soil.


And the next task was to frame them up with timber.  First the boards are fitted into place.


And then secured with wooden pegs.


It was a challenge securing the planks and pounding in the stakes with a heavy sledge hammer.


And an even bigger challenge nailing the stakes in place, but the team did a great job.



The track turned out very nicely!



The team decided to finish it off with a layer of gravel so that it would be safe for visitors to walk on in all kinds of weather.  They went up to collect the gravel in buckets.


And then spread it over the track.



The end result is a fantastic track that will enable visitors to visit and enjoy the Grove safely year round.




The team decided that they would create an arch at the entrance to the walking track to welcome visitors to the Lisa’s Wish Grove.  The first task involved bringing down the posts that would form the sides of the arch.



The posts needed to be sunk deep in the ground and cemented in place.  Under Kalym’s guidance, each team member took turns using the post hole borer to dig the holes.





Once the holes were deep enough, the posts were set in place and cemented.


While the cement hardened, the team made the top of the arch.


The team also wanted visitors to the Grove to have a place where they could rest and enjoy the setting so they cleared a spot in the Grove where they decided to put a bench.


While part of the team worked on the entry arch, the other team members worked on constructing the bench.



Once the bench was complete, they carried it down to the Grove and installed it.




Once the arch and bench were in place, the team decided to paint them using the Lisa’s Wish Foundation colours and design.  The Lisa’s Wish logo includes handprints and the tag line is “In the Hands of Angels.”


The team went to the paint shop and got a supply of paint and the next morning went to work.


Once the basic coat was on they decorated the bench with hand prints and added their initials.



In addition to being a very nice looking bench, it is also quite comfortable!



The team also painted the entry arch with a similar design.





The team finished up late on Sunday morning.  They had invited their families and friends over for lunch and to officially open the Lisa’s Wish Grove.

The team cooked a big lunch as the guests arrived.



And it was enjoyed by everyone.


After lunch Ian led everyone up to the new Lisa’s Wish Grove for an unveiling and to try out the walking track and bench.



It’s hard to believe that what looked like this on Friday evening:


Now looks like this:


An excellent contribution by the team!!

We want to thank Andy Woodhouse of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award for co-ordinating the visit and many thanks to Kalym and Bridget for serving as team leaders and for helping out with the work and making a valuable contribution to the Lisa’s Wish Grove.


Also a big thank you to Ian for organising the weekend and for all his hard work, inspiration and support.


And a very special thank you to Antonia, Karissa, Nicola and Nikita.  We enjoyed meeting you all and appreciate what you have done.  Not only have you created something beautiful in support of the Lisa’s Wish Trust you have made a lasting contribution to CUE Haven.  Your track and bench and art will be seen and appreciated by many visitors for years to come.  We wish you all the best and much happiness and success in the coming years and we hope you will come back again for future camps.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. BB Wolf permalink
    January 24, 2015 12:09 pm

    Hello CUE Haven,

    I had a wonderful week working with some pretty fantastic people and I would love to come back either in the middle or end of this year if that is possible.

    Thank you for a wonderful experience, I look forward to seeing you all again soon,

    Brigid Wilson

    • January 25, 2015 7:13 pm

      Hi Brigid–

      Thank you so much! Your participation made the weekend and the week better and we really appreciate your contributions. You’re always welcome to come back and we look forward to seeing you soon.

      All the best,

      Tom & Mahrukh

  2. January 21, 2015 7:43 pm

    Well done in these desert like temperatures, a memorable day!

    • January 25, 2015 7:11 pm

      Thanks Doug! You have to come out and see all the changes the groups have made!

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