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Community Walking Track Day—9 December 2012

December 10, 2012

A fantastic group of volunteers gave up a Sunday to come out and help us to finish off the gully walking track.

In January and February 2012 we put in a 600 meter walking track along the gully stream and in May and July teams of volunteers spread metal on about two thirds of the track surface.  Today’s group of volunteers finished off the project just in time for summer visitors to enjoy the track.

The group arrived at about nine and got acquainted over muffins, sausage rolls and tea and coffee.  Beverages were generously provided by Nestle New Zealand.


Tom then gave a safety briefing and an explanation of the objectives for the day and the work to be done.


And we took a group picture while everyone was well rested and full of energy!


The objective for the day was to put down metal over the bare track. Because the track goes over hilly terrain, there are several sets of steps, we can’t use machines or even wheelbarrows to get the gravel down to the track.  We previously had a big load of gravel delivered to the end of the track and the volunteers used empty ten litre Resene paint cans to deliver the gravel to the track—one bucketful at a time!

At one end of the track, two volunteers shovelled gravel into the buckets.


 One person was stationed at the other end with a rake to level off the fresh gravel surface.


The volunteers then spread out along the track and carried two buckets a time from one person to the next until they reached the last person in line who dumped the gravel on the track.







In addition to passing full buckets toward the end of the track, the volunteers also had to send back the empties for “recycling.”



And in spite of all the hard work, the volunteers managed to keep working!


Some particularly energetic members doubled up and carried four buckets instead of two.




And to work out a different set of muscles, some team members rotated jobs:



But most of the action was on the track as the team managed to lay down gravel over approximately 120 metres!






















It was a perfect spring day but the sun was hot and 12 year old Yazdy came to the rescue by putting down his bucket and helping out as the Water Boy, running back and forth from the cottage and up along the track serving iced tea and water to all the volunteers.


Within three hours of hard work the track was complete and the volunteers then took a leisurely walk back to the cottage for a well deserved rest and lunch.




We are truly grateful for the hard work expended by all the volunteers who have helped with the walking track construction.  They have made a contribution to CUE Haven that will give people enjoyment for years to come.

The walking track is a major feature of CUE Haven.  It gives visitors a chance to explore the mature bush on the property and get an idea of what the entire property will look like in future years.  The track also takes visitors along the gully stream where they can see eels, kokopu and, at night, glow worms.  It is also a great place for observing bird life.  Now that the track is completely metalled it will be convenient and safe for visitors to use year round.

We want to thank Nestle New Zealand for providing a range of delicious Nescafe products and iced Nestea for the volunteers.  And thank you to Winstone Aggregates for helping with the metal and Resene for providing the buckets.

But most of all, our many many thanks to our great team of volunteers who spanned four generations, from ages 10 up to 80!  Thanks Arjun, Bilkish, Binaifer, Burzis, Delzin, Doug, Homi, Hormuz, Jarafshan, Jeffrina, John, Kairus, Kersi, Mauricio, Minoo, Nash, Piran, Prem, Renate, Ruairi, Ruby, Shajee, Smitha, John, Sol, Tanaz, Tehmus, Tenaz, Xerxes M, Xerxes S, Yasmin, Yazdy, Yutaz and Zirak.

We also want to thank Anahita and Rashna who helped Mahrukh at the cottage as well as Thrity, Katy and Jamshed who came along to provide encouragement and support to their children and grandchildren working on the track.

Once the restoration of CUE Haven is completed it will be gifted it to the community. So the support and efforts of everyone helping to transform CUE Haven into a native New Zealand forest that will be enjoyed by future generations is very much appreciated.

Thanks again!!!  We look forward to having you all back for a leisurely visit!


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  1. Minoo S permalink
    December 16, 2012 7:47 pm

    Good project to get rid of that excess baggage. Three hours ,,,, what a fantastic way to enjoy the real work! Thanks to all of you. We came with a mission to finish this track and wow it is done now.
    Waiting for another one. Bring it on!

  2. Ranjini Bri-Tes Jose permalink
    December 15, 2012 5:56 pm

    Well done guyzzzz…..

  3. PORUS MISTRY permalink
    December 11, 2012 4:36 pm

    Congrats for having made your jog track.Do go there and have a good time . It will be worth the effort for you all and people coming there later on.
    Very good and an excellent job.
    Porus S.Mistry

  4. Prem permalink
    December 11, 2012 6:54 am

    Great effort with great people

  5. December 10, 2012 7:27 pm

    A lovely day, with great company, plus new friends, on a worthwhile project..

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