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Visit by Unitec Ecology Students—30 October 2012

October 30, 2012

Unitec, an Auckland-based institute of technology with a dual commitment to post-graduate and degree level study, has become a good friend of CUE Haven. For the third year in a row, Mel Galbraith, a Senior Lecturer in Ecology brought out a group of students for a field trip.

Ecology students from Unitec are also involved at CUE Haven by doing practicum work on-site.  This year we had two students fulfil part of their field experience requirements by participating in projects at CUE Haven.

The objective of the visit today was for the students to get a first-hand look at a bush restoration project in progress and to discuss the issues and challenges involved.

After introductions and morning tea, we gave the students a brief overview of the history of the project. 

We then took a tour of the property.  During our walk, the students had a chance to see each of the areas planted since the start of the project, observe pest management practices, walk through the mature bush and see how the wetland restoration is progessing.

We finished up with a tour of the nursery and general discussion.  The students not only asked a lot of good questions, they also provided us with many useful observations and insights. 

We want to thank Mel and the group for their interest and enthusiasm in our project and we look forward to seeing you back at CUE Haven soon!


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