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Conservation Volunteers—August 13 – 17, 2012

August 18, 2012

A hard working group of Conservation Volunteers made major progress planting trees this week.  The team arrived on Monday morning and included Jenny from Taiwan, Shogo, Tomoyo, Rumika, Azumi, Yoko and Koya from Japan, Chiara and Luca from Italy and Manon from France.  The team was led by Ben Sewell of Conservation Volunteers New Zealand. 

This was the second visit to CUE Haven for Jenny, Shogo, Luca and Chiara and it was great to have them back again.

After introductions, and orientation and lunch, the team went to work.  Ben took the group up to the planting site while Luca helped Tom bring the trees up to the site.

The assignment for the week was to fill in gaps in areas that had been previously planted so the team moved around a lot to different sections of the property.

The weather stayed good for most of the week and the team accomplished a lot of planting!

The hard working team took their breaks and lunches in the field.

 But they did manage to make themselves comfortable!

 In addition to all their planting work, the team took some time to relax.  They went to see a movie in a nearby town and also visited Muriwai beach to see the gannets at sunset.

Despite the hard work, the team was always smiling!

Before the team left, they planted a Tanekaha to commemorate their visit to New Zealand and contribution to its native forests.  The Tanekaha is unique to New Zealand and grows to over 20 metres and lives for many hundred years.

Everyone took turns digging the hole for the tree:




We want to thank Ben for his efforts and leadership in educating and motivating the team. We very much enjoyed working with this team and really appreciate their hard work. 

You’ve all made a major contribution to CUE Haven and greatly helped our restoration efforts.  We hope you all will come back to CUE Haven again to see how your trees have grown up!  Thanks again.



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