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Conservation Volunteers—July 16-20

July 21, 2012

Another great group of Conservation Volunteers worked hard this week and planted just over 2,000 trees. 

The team was led by Dawn Gasparro of Conservation Volunteers New Zealand and included Kate from Scotland, Franziska from Austria, Tisha from Belgium, Sophie from Germany, Lydia from Switzerland and Robyn, Aidan, Joshua and Joe from England.  It was Joe’s second visit to CUE Haven and we were happy to have him back assisting us.

The group arrived on Monday morning and after introductions, an orientation and lunch, they went straight to work.

We started by delivering plants up to the remote planting site.

As in previous weeks, tree planting was the priority for the week.  The team made major progress, finishing off two large areas and filling in some areas that had been planted in prior years.  The weather started out foggy and gloomy but from Tuesday on the weather was sunny and perfect!

But it wasn’t all hard work.  The team enjoyed local attractions such as Murawai Beach and the Waiwera Hot Pools.  On the last day, we also celebrated Aiden’s upcoming birthday with a New Zealand Pavlova.

We very much enjoyed working with this team and want to thank them for all their hard work.  You’ve made a major difference in the CUE Haven landscape and we hope you will come back someday to see the forest you have helped to plant.  Thanks for all your hard work!

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