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Planting Day With VisionWest Horticulture Students–Nov 14

November 14, 2011

The VisionWest Community Trust serves the west Auckland community with a variety of social service programs to achieve its mission of  “Building Hope Together.”  Among other services, the Trust provides horticultural training at its own training centre where students can earn a National Certificate in Horticulture.

The thirteen week programme involves both classroom time and field experience and today we were very happy to host a great group of students and tutors for a day of planting at CUE Haven.  Their visit was co-ordinated and supported by Conservation Volunteers NZ (CVNZ).

This time of year we only plant in the wetlands because it is getting too dry for new plantings to get established before summer.  As a result, the group got the hugely challenging task of planting wetland plants along the main watercourse that runs through the property.

CVNZ team leader, Clair, and volunteer Jean-Pierre arrived shortly before the others and we got to work laying out the plants.  Mostly we were planting Carex which is a wetland grass that does a good job of trapping sediment and improving the water quality in wetlands.

The group from Vision West arrived shortly after ten, and included tutors Joan, Peter and Kevin, and students Anna, Juliet, Jonathan, Brian, Dewi and Pete.

After morning tea and an introduction to the CUE Haven project, they went to work.

In addition to swampy conditions, the students also had to contend with some tall grass.  Although they were planting in difficult conditions, the team was enthusiastic and full of energy.

The team managed to get in all of the plants in a couple of hours and took a well-deserved break.

After the break, the team attacked different tasks.  One group did some weed control.

Another group spread mulch around some newly planted trees.  The mulch was generously provided by TreeScape.

Joan took some time to do some pruning, fertilising and mulching trees in the orchard. Additionally, Joan, Kevin and Peter also provided us with excellent horticulture tips.

We’d like to thank the group from VisionWest for their contributions today. Also a big thank you to Clair and Jean-Pierre of CVNZ for their hard work and assistance today.  And thanks again to Treescape for supporting our efforts at CUE Haven.

In just a few hours the group accomplished a tremendous amount and made a valuable contribution to the CUE Haven project.  We really enjoyed working with you all and we hope to see you again at CUE Haven.

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  1. December 15, 2011 7:21 pm

    Well done , a great Springtime effort….looking at all that grass it could have been…
    “Making hay whilst the Sun shone””…great worthwhile effort….Dug

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