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ASB Bank Volunteer Planting Day—May 25, 2011

May 26, 2011

ASB is a major New Zealand bank with a strong commitment to community support and service.  On May 25, CUE Haven was fortunate to have a team of volunteers from ASB’s St. Lukes, Westgate and New Lynn branches on site for our first planting day of the 2011 season.  Joining us from ASB were Alice, Anita, Cissy, DJ, Fredrick, Jethro, Richard, Vincent and Zane. Our friend Rene’ was also visiting us from the South Island and he was a great help getting things set up and also participating in the planting.

The team arrived just after nine thirty and got to work after a brief orientation and morning tea.   This year, one of our planting objectives is to connect up existing forest remnants in the gully with one of the large areas of covenanted bush.  That meant that the team had to hike a bit before they got to the planting site:

It was a bit windy and cloudy but dry and comfortable.  We had a short tour of the planting site and a quick planting demo and then got to work.

The team were all dedicated planters, but also being dedicated bankers, they insisted on multitasking and trying to conduct business while planting!

It was a successful and fun morning of planting and in a few short hours the team planted over 400 trees and made a lasting contribution to the CUE Haven project:

Then it was time for a well deserved and leisurely lunch:

And Richard took time out to make friends with the neighbour:

We want to thank the hardworking and enthusiastic ASB team and our friend Rene for helping make it a fun a successful planting day.  The team was great to work with and we very much appreciate everyone’s contribution.

A special thank you to Cissy for championing CUE Haven at ASB and arranging for the volunteers to come out.  We look forward to more fun planting days with ASB teams.

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