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Up until 2010 we had no utilities on the property except for electricity at the old dairy shed.   We would take bottles of water for drinking and cleaning up, but with no toilet facilities we had to resort to the woods — an interesting challenge considering most of the property was open pasture!

At least the Trees for Survival co-ordinator graciously provided us with a porta-loo on the TFS planting days


As you can imagine, it was very inconvenient for us and for the volunteers and staff working on the property with no toilet facilities and no clean water to wash up.  This greatly limited the scope of our planting efforts because it was not possible to work for more than a few hours a day. We investigated various options and finally decided in 2009 to build a simple, functional cottage to provide basic amenities to people visiting and volunteering at CUE Haven.

Our cottage was ready for occupation in March 2010.  We use the cottage to host volunteers who come to help at CUE Haven, for weekend retreats in the native bush and for community activities.


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