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CUE Haven Volunteer Sets A Good Example

February 26, 2021

Laetitia Tan has been a regular volunteer at CUE Haven over the past two years, and she recently made us very proud by showing us that personal challenges shouldn’t stop us from using our imagination and pursuing our dreams.

Eighteen year old Laetitia is a big fan of superhero stories and decided to create her own superheroes and write a story which has now been published as a book!  The book, called The Awesome Superheroes—The Bank Robbery is about superheroes John and Kayla and their dog Max.

You can watch an interview with Laetitia where she talks about writing the book here.

The Awesome Superheroes – The Bank Robbery – YouTube

You can also find out more about Laetitia and the book on her Facebook page here, and send a message if you would like to purchase the book or have any questions.

The book can also be purchased on Chooice.

We look forward to seeing more of Laetitia at CUE Haven—and reading more of her books!

Congratulations to Laetitia and her family on this awesome accomplishment.