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How You Can Help/Contact Us

It  is  not  so  much  for  its  beauty  that  the  forest  makes  a  claim  upon  men’s  hearts,   as  for  that  subtle  something,   that quality  of  air, that  emanation  from  old  trees,   that  so  wonderfully  changes  and  renews  a  weary  spirit.         ~Robert Louis Stevenson

The CUE Haven Restoration Project is a huge long-term undertaking, and we need all the help we can get!

If you would like to offer your support to the CUE Haven  project by sponsoring or contributing towards the many small and big projects underway at CUE Haven, we will very much appreciate any help.

For donors with a New Zealand bank account, our preferred method is via direct deposit to the CUE Haven account:  12-3077-0211619-00.

You can also give a donation by credit card via PayPal by clicking the button below,

Please send us a message (see below) so we can thank you for your contribution and send you a receipt.  THANK YOU!

You can also:

Sponsor a tree planting

Volunteer to help with tree planting – (May to August)

Volunteer to help with putting in and maintaining walking tracks and with weed control  – (year round)

Volunteer to help at the nursery

Plant a celebration tree

Plant a tree in memory of a loved one



Contact us by sending us a message below:

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